• When enrolling in an Online Class, do I need to set up an account?

    Yes. Initially, you will be asked to supply your email address and you'll need to create a password. The password makes the account uniquely yours, and your email address lets the software communicate with you.

  • Can I take the course at my own pace?

    YES, Once you enroll, you will be able to access all the content 24/7 anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Are there discounts available?

    MedLiving Healthcare offers discount course packages to meet your needs. We have bundle packages for instructors, employers and caregivers! Check out our course bundles by clicking on the ONLINE COURSES tab and then the CONTINUING EDUCATION BUNDLES tab.

  • How long will the course be available to me?

    After the purchase of the course, the student will have full access to the course for 365 days. All CBRF INSTRUCTOR Continuing education courses expire after 730 days. Anyone that purchases the Task-Specific Instructor Courses will have full access without an expiration date, as long as they are instructing within the standards and ethics of the curriculum.

  • If I purchased this course, can I share this course with others?

    The courses are for the use of one student only. They cannot be shared with others. If you are an employer that would like to enroll your employees in a class, we recommend that you purchase one of our course bundles. After you purchase a course bundle, we will issue you a coupon code that you can distribute to your employees so they can enroll in courses. The coupon code will act as a source of payment and the students won't be required to use a credit card to enroll in online courses. If you are purchasing one course at a time and you are purchasing the course for someone else to use, please sign up with their name and contact information so that they receive the appropriate communications about their enrollment and receive the certification in their name.

  • Do I get a certificate of completion?

    Yes, when you complete the course, a certificate of completion will automatically be emailed to you and available to you by logging into your dashboard (account). To receive a certificate of completion, you must have completed the entire course including videos and quizzes. It is important that you click COMPLETE & CONTINUE at the end of each lesson for your completed status to be recorded.

  • I am having some technical issues with the online training website. What can I do to fix it?

    If you are having trouble viewing the online course or videos in your browser, here are some basic troubleshooting steps that may help: Clear your browser cache and restart the browser. Try using a different browser. Restart the computer. If possible, try a different computer. If possible, try a different internet connection. Corporate firewalls occasionally block the video provider, although this is rare.

  • Where is my course?

    Log into your account at and Click on “My Dashboard” on the top menu bar is where you should see ALL the courses that you have signed up for and click on “resume course” You are now in your course!! If you are having trouble logging in with your email and password, please contact us as it’s possible there was a typo in the registration process. We can help!

  • Can a manager obtain status reports on their employees?

    Yes, a manager can request status reports on their employee's progress at any time. We will just need to know the company they are enrolled under.